153 Fish Bible. Why 153 large fish in John 21 in the bible ?  What was the meaning and significance of the miraculous catch or draught of the 153 large fish?

       Why  153  Fish  in  John  21:11  ?

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Scholars have suggested hundreds of possible meanings for Johnís reference to ď153 Fish.Ē These suggestions are often long and extremely speculative. How could the Apostle John have expected his readers to see any of those connections? The fact that John does not offer an explanation for the 153 fish highly suggests that his meaning would have been so obvious to the first century Greeks in Ephesus that no explanation was required. This web page examines all these suggestions. And, it explains how we can see a reasonable proof that there is only one answer that we know Johnís readers would have recognized.


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The measure of 153 large fish.