153 Fish Bible. 153 Large Fish in John Bible - John explains his purpose for the use of 153 Fish, 153 large fish in John 21:11, as a metaphor.  Bible points to the context.


Getting the Icon Framed





The above icon was professionally framed and matted by Michael’s Arts and Crafts.  The frame is 22 x 28 inches and was purchased at Wal-Mart.


Trying to save money I had originally decided to frame the icon myself.  However, as I tried to cut out the matting I realized that it is much harder than it looks.  My poorly done framing job really distracted from the icon. 


Having learned from my mistakes I decided to get my second print professionally framed.  I purchased a very nice looking and yet inexpensive frame from Wal-Mart.  It has golden colored paint and measures 22 x 28 inches. "MDF2"  (Item #1766435)  and costs $19.96 


I suggest taking your print to a local arts and crafts store that does matting and framing.  Michael’s Arts and Crafts matted and framed mine for only $45.  Use a dark almost navy blue color or perhaps a dark red color for the mat. 


I believe a bright or vibrant color is a bad idea in that it would distract from the image.  I believe that the mat I selected was called Midnight Blue and it looked like velvet.  The total cost for the print, frame, and framing job with the mat was less then $100.


When I compare my do it yourself job with one professionally done I see a world of difference.  The imperfections of the first one distract from the print while the second frame really draws the eye’s attention to the art and therefore to the message it contains.

Why I placed the wording
9  Months  Before  Christmas  Luke  1:26-38
 Below the Icon.


This icon can best be used to target the pro-abortion "Christian" or the wavering or non-committed Christian.  Since there are many good sayings or Bible verses that could be appropriately used with the icon these different sayings would reach different people. 


However, I prefer the one that I believe will reach and change the greatest number of hearts.


Some people like the saying,  "Choose Life, Mary Did."  However, since most abortionists tend to be closed minded making the icon obviously pro-life will cause us to immediately loose their attention.  They would dismiss it without even thinking about it.


The power of the icon is getting people to think about how Jesus lived inside of Mary’s womb for nine months, and therefore how human life begins at conception. 


Originally I preferred the words  "Annunciation - March 25."  Later, I realized that the pro-abortion Christians do not know what the word Annunciation means and so its use is lost on them. 


Trying to be a devote Catholic I pray the Rosary and I meditate on Catholic art.  Bringing this knowledge with me it is easy for me to recognize this icon as the Annunciation and its timing in regards to Christmas.


However, the pro-abortionist Christians are not praying the rosary and they do not love Catholic art as I do.  They do not recognize this icon.  Since baby Jesus is not drawn as a Zygote they might guess incorrectly as to when this took place. 


Since Protestants tend to avoid Mary and the broader liturgical calendar they too are apt to fail in recognizing what event is being pictured. 


Since it is imperative that they recognized this icon is a depiction of Jesus and Mary and that it is a real event that took place 9 months before Jesus was born it seems to me that the words  "9  Months  Before  Christmas  Luke  1:26-38"  are best placed below the icon. 


Since many people will not burden themselves to read a lot of text a short phrase like this one above is preferable in my opinion.


To place the this text below the icon I suggest printing the words with two spaces between each word, in the font size of 36, in the Times New Roman type font, in bold text, with the paper in the landscape or sideways position and with the highest quality print possible onto glossy paper and making sure that there is plenty of space all around the text.  It must be all on one line. 


Take that to Kinko’s, or some other copy place, and ask them to enlarge the copy of the text by 143%   so that it is large and easily readable and yet less then 15 inches long so that it fits nicely under the icon. It should be on glossy paper to look right. 


Take that with your print and frame to the framing place and they will cut out a caption place in the mat for the text below the picture.












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